It’s all about service. We have the right mix of first aid products in the quantities and quality that your business needs.

Taking care of your employee safety and your bottom line, by saving your company money each month is what we do. Give us a call today or complete our request form.

Why Choose Us


We do not have a contract for our service, so unlike the other guys we have to earn your business with every visit.


We save you the two most valuable things in business, Money and Time. We get to know you to identify the right assortment of products that works for your specific business. Nothing added to the cabinet without your expressed permission. We offer a level of service that other companies just won’t do. Call or email to find out more.


Have a budget? Great! We will work with you to design a program around it and your employees’ needs.


We are your local, vet-owned, first aid products and service choice.

Do These Apply to Your Current Cabinet Service Provider?

Are you paying too much and getting overstocked on your first aid needs? Is your cabinet a disorganized mess, or are you locked into a costly contract? If somebody uses a single bandage, do they charge you for a full refill?

Are your employees really doing proper monthly checks on the fire extinguishers? Every year, almost 100 people die, and 1,200 people get injured in business fires.

Are your eyewash stations being periodically serviced? Without additives, it is recommended that an eyewash station is refilled every 2 weeks.


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