With today’s supply chain issues getting so much press, we have been seeing the effects for the past several months. At first it started out with manufacturers not being able to get precursor chemicals to manufacture some of the medicines like pain reliever. A more troubling trend is now coming into focus and that is a bandage shortage. There is only one bandage manufacturer in the US, with 90% of the supply coming from Asia or the Philippines. 

To further add insult to injury, with ocean container prices up over 600% year over year, the cost of freight might make shipping more expensive than the actual product. We have already seen this in the costs of 3 shelf and 4 shelf empty cabinets. Some suppliers would rather scrap new shelfs in Asia vs paying for them to be delivered here in the states.

We, at First Aid Direct – Atlanta, are remarkably resilient in our supply chain and at this moment do not expect to either have to raise our prices or lower our product offering. Both of which is unheard of compared to our competitors. Call First Aid Direct – Atlanta to see how much we can save you on your cabinets and keep your employees happy and safe.